Le Pain Quotidien

11 09 2011

What a find!

I hadn’t been out to eat in the city for a while and am always worried about taking Anabel out, even though she is generally a very good baby. My brother chose Le Pain Quotidien for a brunch with my family on Saturday and we all loved it, even Anabel.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The noise level was high enough so that a rambunctious baby wouldn’t be heard, but not so noisy that you couldn’t have a conversation over brunch. Our waitresses were so accommodating and thoughtful. The food was perfect. Between the six of us, we had a huge bread basket; two ham and gruyere croissants; many bowls of fresh berries; and a few omelettes. All of which got rave reviews.

It’s difficult taking food photos with a baby in tow.  That’s OK.  Just take my word for it that it all looked appetizing and go check it out for yourself.  I look forward to going back very soon.


There was also a very impressive selection of desserts:

And as I said, Anabel loved it, too.  She ate her first blackberry and piece of bread there.





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