Yum Town

30 11 2011

Yum Town is a new food truck on the north end of Temple’s campus.  The enticing appeal of Yum Town for me is its local ingredients.  This makes for a menu that is much more limited than other trucks on campus, but who really wants to eat from a truck that serves hamburgers, pizza, cheese steaks, grilled cheese, french fries, and salads?  The thought of all that food coming out of such a small space really worries me.

The sandwiches on Yum Town’s menu are innovative and fun:

I chose the Edgar Allan Potato (roasted sweet potato, crispy tempeh, black bean hummus, red onion, sriracha, baby spinach, on baguette for $6) and substituted the tempeh for bacon for an extra $1.

My first bite was all potato and bacon.  In my second bite I got more of the onion and some sweet heat from the sriracha.  By the third bite everything came together: the sweet and spicy, the crunchy and smooth.  By then I couldn’t eat it fast enough, although half way through it was getting a bit dry and I could have had a bit more of something like a marinade or dressing.  I did finish the whole sandwich because it tasted healthy and fresh and I’m a sucker for sweet potato and bacon!

I plan on trying the rest of Yum Town’s menu but I don’t know if I will get this particular sandwich again.  We’ll see.




One response

1 12 2011

I’ve had one with tempeh and it was pretty good!

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