The Blurry Kitchen

18 01 2012

December was a blur. Matt, who usually cooks for us, was working from 10pm-10am Monday through Friday and on Sunday mornings. We were two ships passing in the night and he barely had enough energy to stop at Whole Foods to pick up a bunch of frozen dinners, let alone make anything fresh. Our freezer was stocked with assortments of Amy’s, (enchiladas, burritos, and Indian meals were my personal favorites) and Ethnic Gourmet meals. Anabel got hooked on Earth’s Best Kidz fish sticks.

I wanted the holidays to be special but with a toddler it is so hard to find time to do anything meaningful in the kitchen.  I opted to bake two types of cookies that had very few ingredients.

The first were pumpkin chocolate chip, using a can of pumpkin, a box of yellow cake mix, and some chocolate chips.  The final product was interesting–more of a sponge cake consistency but tasty.  For a decadent experience, I covered mine in cream cheese icing.

I also made some gingerbread cookies from a recipe I found on Pinterest. The final product looked nothing like the picture online, but I fixed that by adding some cream cheese icing.  I decided that anything you bake tastes better with cream cheese icing.

On Christmas morning I made my own cinnamon buns using this recipe from Pinterest. These were yummy and even yummier with, you guessed it, cream cheese icing.

Most of the cookies are now in the freezer, as we just didn’t have a chance to eat all of them around the holidays.  Our freezer is still stocked, but luckily things have calmed down enough so that we can have some healthy, home cooked meals every so often.