The Busz

1 02 2012

The Burger Busz truck is now just “The Busz” that serves up steaks, wings, and fries.  The Cheese Busz truck, on the same corner, now sells grilled cheese and burgers.  It’s hard to keep up at the intersection of 13th and Norris Streets.

I ordered the Pyro steak (small size for $4.75–I only had a $5 bill on me) with chipotle sauce, spinach, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese.  I have a high tolerance for pain and spiciness, but even I had to take out the jalapenos to swallow more than two bites.

I really wanted to enjoy this steak sandwich, but my taste buds were fried after a few bites and, even worse, in every other bite I chewed into some gristle.  I really hate gristle in my steak sandwiches.  I don’t think it’s that hard to eliminate the gristle.  If it were just the spiciness I had problems with, I would definitely try another steak there–a more “traditional” selection–but I couldn’t get past that gristle.  There are too many other choices on my corner, and all around campus, to waste my money and calories on The Busz.




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