Say Cheese!

18 04 2012

Here goes the first rating for my 2012 Grilled Cheese Battle.

Say Cheese! is one of many new “gourmet” food trucks on Temple’s campus, located right outside of the Tyler School of Art at 13th and Norris.  I ordered a standard “Recruit” from their menu and below are my ratings and explanations.


Overall appearance: 8  Nice shape and size, good toasting on the bread.

Overall taste: 8 I mean, how can you really screw up a grilled cheese? This one had a nice taste with the Horsey Mustard spread giving it a bite.
Size: 8 Not too big, not too small.
Greasiness: 8 There must be some greasiness to a grilled cheese.  I like it when the butter causes it and not the cheese.  This one had that covered.
Cheese (quality and quantity): 6 Great cheese, great taste, but it wasn’t melted all the way through.  HUGE pet peeve of mine!
Carbohydrate Delivery System: 10 Really yummy Italian bread
Price: 8 $4 Reasonable for the quality, but there are cheaper sandwiches on campus.
Extras: 9 The spread and one veg were included.

Service and timing: 10 The peeps at Say Cheese! are always friendly and from the time I walked up to the truck to the time I got my sandwich only took 10 minutes (there were two people in front of me).
Accuracy of order: 10

Total score: 85





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