Eppy’s grilled cheese

3 07 2012

I love Eppy’s.  Their no-frills food, although incredibly unhealthy, is almost always good and cheap.  Let’s see how the grilled cheese was.


Overall appearance: 6 Looked ok but I could immediately tell it would be dry.
Overall taste: 7 Nice flavors, just a little bland, and very dry.
Size: 8 Teeny tiny, but appropriate for the price.
Greasiness: 5 There was no grease.  At all.
Cheese (quality and quantity): 9 Gooey, melted all the way through, and tasty.
Carbohydrate Delivery System: 8 Normal, white bread.
Price: 9 $2.50 OK for the quality.
Extras: 9 No inclusions, but the price warrants that.
Service and timing: 10 Eppy’s isn’t known for their friendliness, but they grow on you the more you go.
Accuracy of order: 10

Total score: 81

Not too shabby–just use some butter on your bread!