E & E

3 05 2012

I went back to basics this time.  Not every grilled cheese is “gourmet,” ya know.  E&E is a newer truck on the south end of campus right outside of Ritter Hall.  Let’s see how they fared:

Overall appearance: 10 Nice shape and size, good toasting on the bread.
Overall taste: 8 It tasted like a standard grilled cheese–nothing special but, as I’ve said before, it’s hard to mess up a grilled cheese.
Size: 8 Not too big, not too small.
Greasiness: 6 Not enough! Did they grill it without butter? It was dry.
Cheese (quality and quantity): 7 Ooey gooey processed sliced cheese. But it didn’t extend to the crusts, which was a disappointment.
Carbohydrate Delivery System: 8 Average white bread
Price: 7 $2.75  OK for a standard grilled cheese but $2.25 would be fairer.
Extras: 8 None included (see price)
Service and timing: 10 Quick and friendly
Accuracy of order: 10

Total score: 72