Mixto’s still got it.

20 06 2010

Back in 2004 (and way before I started blogging) a restaurant called Mixto opened up kitty-corner from our cute little apartment on Pine Street. It became our regular spot to go for happy hour with friends, brunch with family, or a nice meal for just the two of us.  I fell so deeply in love with Mixto and its charm and great food that I wanted to have our wedding reception there.  That idea was vetoed by two very important people.  But you can always count on Mixto to have their front doors wide open on nice days and packed tables out front.

Anita and I went after work for an early dinner on Friday and it was still the same welcoming place with delicious Cuban comfort food.  We started with the guacamole and plaintain chips.  The guac is nice and creamy but with some subtle chunks of avocado left in tact.  The plaintains are nice and crispy with just some light saltiness.

Anita took a chance with her spicy camarones enchilados (spicy stewed creole shrimp) and it was spicy, but there was only one shrimp left when she finished.

I usually nosh on a bunch of appetizers or go for the plato mixto because I love it all, especially the empanadas, maduro relleno, and papas rellena, but Anita convinced me to get an entree so I chose the montuna de lechon (shredded pork, yuca, sweet corn tamale, plaintains, rice, black beans, and avocado). Everything was perfect.  The textures, flavors, and colors always make me enjoy everything I eat at Mixto.

I can’t wait to go back post-pregnancy so I can enjoy a mojito or red sangria.