Breakfast Sandwich: Richie’s Deli & Pizza

28 05 2009

My quest for the perfect breakfast sandwich continues here in North Philly. Because I’d really like all of my summer clothes to fit, I am limiting my samplings to one sandwich per week. Today’s pick: Richie’s Deli & Pizza on North 12th St. by the Anderson and Gladfelter buildings. Richie’s is lively in the morning with lots of regulars and banter and Richie is always up front, schmoozing with the customers.  Richie's

I ordered a “toasted English Muffin with egg, cheese, and bacon and salt pepper ketchup.” My first impression, even before I unwrapped the sandwich, was not great. Ketchup on the side? DIY? It just doesn’t taste as good when you have to lift the top of the sandwich and squeeze out the ketchup yourself. It just doesn’t.

Again, like Tommy’s, it wasn’t cut, although I do understand this practice more for an English Muffin because it is not as hard to manage as a bagel.

After I cut it I realized that the English Muffin was not toasted–it just felt warmed in the microwave.

No brown crusty goodness, and it was soggy.

The bacon was whole, which made it harder to eat and easier to pull from the sandwich in one bite, but the fillings portions were generous and evenly distributed from center to edges.

The two eggs were Mmm Mmm good. Cooked with care, fluffy, and almost perfectly tucked around the outside edges of the muffin. I like my eggs tucked.

I rate Richie’s sandwich higher than Tommy’s (maybe I should come up with a rubric) but I know my quest must continue to find the perfect breakfast sandwich in North Philadelphia. I hope my pants and waistline forgive me.