Green Truck grilled cheese

24 05 2012

I love the “Sexy” Green Truck and its story. The grilled cheese was just as special.

Overall appearance: 10 Nice shape and size, good toasting on the bread, wrapped in waxed paper.
Overall taste: 9 Nice flavors, just a little bland.
Size: 9 Not too big, not too small.
Greasiness: 9 Just about perfect. Could have been a bit moister on the inside.
Cheese (quality and quantity): 10 Ooey gooey white sliced (probably) cheese, melted all the way through.
Carbohydrate Delivery System: 9 Thick, white bread
Price: 10 $2.75 Perfect for the quality.  A standard grilled cheese shouldn’t be over $3.
Extras: 9 No inclusions, but the price warrants that.
Service and timing: 10 Quick (although it was technically before noon–later in the lunch hour it gets crowded) and friendly
Accuracy of order: 10

Total score: 95


Sexy Green Truck Breakfast Sandwich

30 06 2009

This competition is getting tough. I have discovered some very simple rules to even getting your breakfast sandwich considered: 1. You must serve eggs and 2. You must be open. Yesterday I briefly stopped at the Bagel Hut on Montgomery and their breakfast sandwiches had only meat and cheese. No egg. No thanks. Then I remembered that my student worker told me that Starbucks has actually started serving very yummy breakfast sandwiches with multi-grain muffins, egg whites, and turkey bacon for $3. I was intrigued so I swung by the Starbucks on campus. It was closed at 7:45 am. Fail!

That’s OK. I had a third backup: The Sexy Green Truck that I frequent for lunch. The Sexy Green Truck started last year as an alternative to the ho-hum greasy fatty foods that most other trucks make. The SGT, although not vegetarian, boasts all local and organic ingredients. And this makes me happy. Even the eggs are happy!

sexy green truck 001

sexy green truck 002

I ordered my usual bacon egg and cheese, but because I can feel the past few weeks of sandwich in the pit of my stomach and dimples in my thighs, I chose a “healthier” Carbohydrate Delivery System: white toast.  That may have been the mistake that gave this sandwich its score. But it was cut in half!  Right green truck 003

The overall flavor was fresh and tasty–and happy.  It really did taste happy. Like something your momma could make. I wish that the toast had been lightly buttered on the inside because it was a bit green truck 004

sexy green truck 005

Look at that egg tuckage!  A perfect 10! sexy green truck 006

sexy green truck 007

The bacon was the best: a bit charred, salty, slightly crispy, slightly chewy–perfect! Like it was cut right from the pig that green truck 008

The cheese: great quality, great taste, but not quite enough quantity. The happy eggs were fluffy and gently green truck 009

sexy green truck 011

The fillings went all the way through.  By my last bite, I had just as much egg and bacon and cheese as my green truck 013

One last thought on salt pepper ketchup–they didn’t mention it, I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t get it, and I didn’t need it.


Overall appearance: 9

Meat: 10

Egg (quality, quantity, and tuckage): 10

Greasiness: 7

Cheese (quality and quantity): 7

Condiments (quality and quantity.): 7

Carbohydrate Delivery System (credit: Matt Palmer): 4

Price: 8 ($2.75 for happy eggs is good)

Accuracy of order: 10

Overall taste: 9

Total score: 81