Philadelphia Chutney Company

16 02 2012

The Philadelphia Chutney Company is located on Temple University’s campus in North Philadelphia.  No menu, no prices, no explanation.  But it doesn’t matter, because this is good Indian food.  When I went there were three vegetables and three chicken dishes available over rice.  Choose one meat and two veggies for $6.  It was one of the heaviest lunches I’ve picked up on campus and I could only finish half of it. 

The chicken tikka masala was creamy and delicious with the perfectly tender and slightly spicy chickpeas complimenting it perfectly.  The potatoes were a bit al dente and bland, but it didn’t matter.   All of the flavors combined well enough for a repeat visit.

*Disclaimer: the website is a bit misleading for the Liacouras Walk location. Don’t expect to find everything listed in the store.


Breakfast Sandwich: Tommy’s Food Truck

22 05 2009

I decided that this summer I will taste a breakfast sandwich from every food truck on campus (Temple University in North Philadelphia). Breakfast sandwiches hold a special place in my heart. I have a fondness for one-pot-meals and casseroles, so combining all elements of breakfast food into one neat little package makes me very happy.

My first breakfast sandwich comes from Tommy’s right outside of my building on Norris St. between Broad and 13th.   


The anticipation was killing me as I walked to my office from the truck.

Right off the bat I noticed that the bagel was not cut in half. Points lost.

Only plain bagels are available. More points lost. And the bagel itself is dry and a bit too sweet.

I did not enjoy the egg. It was overdone and parts of it hung out the sides. “Who cares?” you might ask. Well, not all breakfast sandwiches are created equal, and it is possible to contain all of the egg in the bagel. You’ll see.

There was a nice amount of ketchup, but you do have to ask for it. The standard, “Salt Pepper Ketchup?” does not exist at Tommy’s.  The bacon was crisp and cut into little bits so that whole pieces don’t come out in one bite.

The center was great:

But the edges lacking:

A great breakfast sandwich is equal from center to edge. And for $2.75, I know I can find something better. Stay tuned.

The Green Truck

17 06 2008

There is a new phenomenon in North Philadelphia: The Green Truck, a lunch truck that serves organic, local, inexpensive, and delicious fast food. I recently went for lunch with some coworkers and was so pleasantly surprised with the service, quality, and price of the food that comes out of this truck parked out side of the student center at 13th and Montgomery Aves.

The concept originated between a veteran truck owner whose business was stalling and a Fox business student, and since they teamed up, business has been booming for The Green Truck.

The menu is extensive and affordable. For lunch, you can get a combo meal for $4.50 that includes a pita sandwich, side of sweet potato fries, and an iced green tea. I got the hummus pita and I really felt like I was eating herbs and veggies from my own back yard. It was bursting with flavor–a little messy, but only with balsamic vinegar, not oil–and the combinations of sweet, savory, and salty, went perfectly together.

I thought that the sweet potato fries were just a tad bit soggy, but I really enjoyed the break in monatony from the typical greasy side of fries (usually in a styrofoam container) that comes with most lunch combos at other trucks.

The iced green tea was refreshing and not too bitter. I’m pretty sure they added just a touch of sweetener to it, which I don’t usually like in my tea, but it was so small that it was barely noticeable.

Click here to read more about The Green Truck and how it is eliminating the carbon footprints that come from North Philadelphia.