Tommy’s Lunch Truck

13 06 2012

You gotta love Tommy’s.  They never go on vacation and they really have the cheapest prices on campus.  The husband and wife are sweet, too.  The food is average, but fine and almost like home cooked.   

I mean, just look at these prices:

Let’s see how their grilled cheese scored.

Overall appearance: 9 Looked good, although it is a tiny sandwich.
Overall taste: 8 Nice flavors, just a little bland.
Size: 8 Teeny tiny, but appropriate for the price.
Greasiness: 9 Just about perfect.
Cheese (quality and quantity): 8 Gooey, melted all the way through, but it could have used one more slice (see price).
Carbohydrate Delivery System: 8 Thin, white bread.
Price: 10 $2.00 Perfect for the quality.
Extras: 9 No inclusions, but the price warrants that.
Service and timing: 10 Quick and friendly.
Accuracy of order: 10

Total score: 89

Nice job, Tommy’s! Thanks for being so reliable.


Richie’s Deli and Pizza

17 05 2012

Let the battle continue.  This is proving harder than I expected as most of the trucks have boarded up shop for the summer.  Richie’s is one of the most popular food stands on campus, and I have yet to figure out why.  Most of what I have ever ordered there has been mediocre and the service isn’t incredible.  How did Richie’s do in my grilled cheese battle?  Not great.

20120517-131440.jpgOverall appearance: 8 Not toasted quite enough–too much white
Overall taste: 6 It was quite tasteless, even with the ham added in.
Size: 8 Not too big, not too small.
Greasiness: 5 Not enough! Did they grill it without butter? It was SO dry. Dryer than E & E’s.
Cheese (quality and quantity): 6 Tasteless and not very much in there. But maybe they under-compensated because I asked for ham.
Carbohydrate Delivery System: 6 Average white bread that was barely toasted.
Price: 5 $3.75 because I ordered ham. A regular grilled cheese would have been $3 and would have been way to much for the quality.
Extras: 8 None included but I ordered ham for an extra $.75. Two slices of really cheap ham.
Service and timing: 7 Not very friendly and I had to wait a while, I think because lots of people had placed advanced orders.
Accuracy of order: 9 It was almost a lower score. They gave my sandwich to someone else but caught their mistake as she was walking away.

Total score: 68



The Busz

1 02 2012

The Burger Busz truck is now just “The Busz” that serves up steaks, wings, and fries.  The Cheese Busz truck, on the same corner, now sells grilled cheese and burgers.  It’s hard to keep up at the intersection of 13th and Norris Streets.

I ordered the Pyro steak (small size for $4.75–I only had a $5 bill on me) with chipotle sauce, spinach, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese.  I have a high tolerance for pain and spiciness, but even I had to take out the jalapenos to swallow more than two bites.

I really wanted to enjoy this steak sandwich, but my taste buds were fried after a few bites and, even worse, in every other bite I chewed into some gristle.  I really hate gristle in my steak sandwiches.  I don’t think it’s that hard to eliminate the gristle.  If it were just the spiciness I had problems with, I would definitely try another steak there–a more “traditional” selection–but I couldn’t get past that gristle.  There are too many other choices on my corner, and all around campus, to waste my money and calories on The Busz.

Yum Town

30 11 2011

Yum Town is a new food truck on the north end of Temple’s campus.  The enticing appeal of Yum Town for me is its local ingredients.  This makes for a menu that is much more limited than other trucks on campus, but who really wants to eat from a truck that serves hamburgers, pizza, cheese steaks, grilled cheese, french fries, and salads?  The thought of all that food coming out of such a small space really worries me.

The sandwiches on Yum Town’s menu are innovative and fun:

I chose the Edgar Allan Potato (roasted sweet potato, crispy tempeh, black bean hummus, red onion, sriracha, baby spinach, on baguette for $6) and substituted the tempeh for bacon for an extra $1.

My first bite was all potato and bacon.  In my second bite I got more of the onion and some sweet heat from the sriracha.  By the third bite everything came together: the sweet and spicy, the crunchy and smooth.  By then I couldn’t eat it fast enough, although half way through it was getting a bit dry and I could have had a bit more of something like a marinade or dressing.  I did finish the whole sandwich because it tasted healthy and fresh and I’m a sucker for sweet potato and bacon!

I plan on trying the rest of Yum Town’s menu but I don’t know if I will get this particular sandwich again.  We’ll see.

Chris’ Taco Stand

24 06 2011

There’s an unassuming truck parked outside of the Fox School of Business called Chris’ Taco Stand. Before you see it you’ll smell the grilled meat wafting from the tiny metal box that Chris stands in all day.  Chris cooks everything fresh and to order.  He makes his own salsas and sides and offers a nice selection of Mexican sodas and juices.  I’ve eaten here twice this summer, and plan to go back to sample the rest of his menu.




On my first visit, I tried the chicken taco.  Everything about this was fresh and tasty.  The soft corn tortillas barely contained the generous portions of fresh veggies and chicken.  I thought I’d miss cheese or sour cream, but I think it would have overwhelmed the ingredients.


On my next visit, I ordered the carne asada quesadilla and a Mexican apple cider soda called Sidral.


The quesadilla was bigger than my hand and bursting with skirt steak, cheese and veggies.  The cheese stayed gooey and warm the whole time I ate it and there was a piece of steak in every bite.  Dare I say this, but there was actually a bit too much meat for me in this quesadilla, and the chunks of steak a bit big.


This was delicious, but on a hot day it was a tad heavy, and the lighter taco would have been a better choice.


The Sidral was light and bursting with flavor, and it felt a bit naughty to drink out of a glass bottle on campus.


Chris assured me he’d be around all summer, a time when a lot of the trucks shut down until the students return in the fall.  I assured Chris I’d be back to sample everything from his menu.  And in my next post on Chris’ Taco Truck, I’m hoping to report on where his meat comes from, as I am trying hard to be a locavore.