Montreal Walking Tour Part 2

6 10 2008

I am finally posting some photos and comments on the second day I was walking around Montreal in August.  Please enjoy!

I started walking around the area of my hotel, near the University of Quebec, and took a quick tour of their housing facilities (the bright yellow building above).  Very interesting with beautiful old homes lining the Rue St. Urbain.

After the tour, I strolled through the Quartier Latin (Latin Quarter).  The shops, decorations, restaurants, and atmosphere were lively and casual.  Many of the streets I walked along, including Rue Amherst, were pedestrian only, which made casual strolling a delight.

Most of the shops were unique to the area, save for the occasional McDonalds and GAP, but the architecture was quaint with no high-rises or towering massive structures in the immediate vicinity.  The bibliotheque (library) pictured below is beautiful in spite of its obvious modern look in the middle of the other old-fashioned buildings.  Urban Photos blogs about the library here.

I stopped to relax and for some refreshment at Maison de the Camellia Sinensis, an authentic tea shop down the Rue Emery. The side of the shop with table service had an offering of unique teas and natural snacks. I chose a mint tea, which came slightly sweetened, and a crunchy and very healthy fruit and nut bar.

Montreal is a very gay-friendly city.

I hope you enjoyed the two-day walking tour of photos!  Montreal is an amazing city to visit, and a very wallet-friendly alternative to visiting Europe in today’s economy.